So here I am, a Brazilian photographer, married with Marc Kaplan, with Three excellent Kids, ( Well they are always our kids, whatever they already adults). My history as a photographer started 2001, when I was a dreamer Model, ( I use to pose for a lot of photographer as a model), I already fell in love with the power of photography since I was a teenager, I felt in love for  this Art that  makes me dive into the magic of colors, shapes, and feelings,  Oh my God, with a click we  can capture and freeze a moment that will be in our life forever. In my live and in your life.

        It is amazing  when I look back the pictures I see a movie in my mind, each scene pop out as a film stock, so I imagine for the client, That pictures make them laugh or maybe some tears come out of their eyes. Pictures stay forever, It is our history, it is our moments...

        Photography feeds my soul, It is like a poetry, It is inside of me.

        My goal is bring out your emotions, tell your history, your moments with the same intensity I feel.


                                                                                                                                                                                                    Zair Kaplan